Info for participants

To take part in a 6PM YOUR LOCAL TIME event, each participant has to satisfy a few specific requirements, follow a few simple rules, and accept some conditions detailed in this “how to” file. Taking part in the event means the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

1. Requirements

1.1. 6PM YOUR LOCAL TIME is a distributed event of contemporary art that finds its unity in documentation. Each participants needs to have a space- private or public – and an exhibition project, and be able to open it to the public on the event’s date and time. The space can be an artist studio, a commercial gallery, a no-profit space, an art institution, an independent space rented for the occasion, and equipped to host an art event.

1.2. The project needs to be a contemporary art work / exhibition, choosen for its potential to be experienced in documented form.

1.3. The participant can be an artist, a curator, a gallery, an art institution.

1.4. The events need to take place in the geographical area chosen by the main organizer for that specific 6PM YOUR LOCAL TIME event, on the event’s date and time.

1.5. Galleries, museums and institutions with their own programming and schedule – that may be incompatible with those of the platform – may join in in a flexible way:

1.5.1. If they don’t have a show at the time of the event, or they have unused exhibition space available, they may participate with a one night event set up for the occasion.
1.5.2. If they have a show ongoing at the time of the event, they can participate with that show, inviting their audience to join them for a special, mid-show opening or a finissage.

2. Rules

2.1. The participant has to submit to the organizer a concept of the event, complete with infos about the exhibition place (name and address), the artist/s involved, the works on show. The actual participation in the platform event is dependent on the unquestionable judgement of the organizer.

2.2. Once accepted, the participant will be invited to fill in an event form with the general informations about the event and links to his/her social network accounts (Instagram, Twitter and Vine). These data will be used to access their documentation on social networks and to associate some basic information to each image and video.

2.2.1. If the participant doesn’t have a social network account, s/he is kindly invited to open one before the event. The 6PM YLT software will gather any kind of audience documentation that is properly tagged, but it would be great to have also some official documentation.

2.3. Right before the event, the participant will be invited to download the event’s poster. The event’s poster should be hanged in a visible position in the exhibition space, and will feature the event’s logo and the event’s hashtag. Other suggested hastags (ie. Artist name, location name etc.) can be added manually with a marker.

2.4. The documentation posted on social networks will be gathered by the 6PM YLT software and used in the online documentation of the event. Additionally, each participant will be invited to send to the organizer, in real time or in the following days, high quality photo and video documentation of the event. The organizer would be allowed to use this documentation – with the proper credits – in its press communication and in the publication that will be eventually made after the event.

3. Conditions

3.1. In order to make the organizational process described above faster and simpler, the participant allows the Link Art Center (that maintains the platform) and the organizer the right to use their personal data, in ways that conform to the current regulations.

3.2. In order to allow them to properly document and distribute the contents of the 6PM YLT platform, the participant allows the Link Art Center (that maintains the platform) and the organizer to use and publish the documentary material provided (pictures and videos) on the 6PM YLT website, on related social platforms and in the catalogue of the event (if any), in ways that conform to the copyright rules set for each specific channel.

3.3. The participation in the event implies the acceptation of all the Requirements, Rules and Conditions mentioned in the present document.